Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery

Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery

Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery

(Pediatrics and pediatric surgery department) was established and equipped with highest standards to meet all children’s needs. It includes the following specialized divisions:

- Outpatient clinics.

- Pediatrics department.

- Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

The department is operated by distinguished consultant doctors specialized in pediatric medicine and surgery. The department conducts the following medical procedures:

First: Pediatric Surgery

Numerous pediatric surgeries are performed in this department, such as:

- General surgery.

- Kidney transplantation.

- Pediatric laparoscopic surgery.

- Pediatric urological surgery.

- Neonatal surgery for newborns, especially those for treating congenital deformities.

Second: Pediatrics

It treats:

- Kidney diseases in children.

- Pediatric diseases in general.

- Children immunization.

Our Doctors :

Dr. Edward Saca     Dr. Kamal Al-Naser     Dr. Nizar Damen     Dr. Nageh Al- omari