- Vision Correction Center

Vision correction center in Ibn Al-Haytham hospital is considered as one of the leading centers locally, known for its excellence and high quality of its services. It is the first specialized center for vision correction in Jordan. The department utilizes the latest devices and technologies, and is run by experienced and highly skilled doctors, the center performs all types of vision correction procedures, including correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, as well as conducting surgeries for fixing keratoconus and using advanced techniques for corneal ring implantation, it’s worth saying that Ibn Al-Haytham center for vision correction is one of the few local centers that has (FEMTO SECOND) device, which allows vision correction precisely and without the need for using blades or sharp instruments, instead of using a surgical scalpel, the device utilizes laser technology, making the procedure safer for the patient and eliminating the need for any surgical incisions, with this technology, the desired corneal thickness can be maintained during vision correction procedures, without compromising the long-term strength of the cornea, additionally, the device enables the implantation of corneal rings without the use of any sharp tools. This device is also considered to be the fastest, as it processes the corneal membrane in no more than 10 seconds, and improves vision immediately.

Vision correction center in Ibn Al-Haytham hospital is also one of the rare centers in Jordan that performs vision correction through using the "Femto Smile" device, which is considered a revolutionary advancement in the field of vision correction allowing to correct high degrees of myopia without the need for any cuts or incisions, but by removing a thin layer from the cornea.

- Ophthalmology clinics

Ibn Al-Haytham hospital has clinics covering all specialties of ophthalmology including:

- Retina, vitreous, and diabetic eye department: it is equipped with the latest devices used for retinal imaging and the treatment of retinal diseases, it treats macular diseases, retinal detachment, and diabetic retinopathy using laser therapy.

- Anterior chamber diseases and cataract department: It is equipped with modern devices used for the treatment of anterior chamber diseases and cataracts, including the use of ultrasound waves (phacoemulsification) for cataract removal.

-Pediatric ophthalmology clinic: it is specialized in the diagnosis and management of various pediatric eye diseases, including strabismus.

-Glaucoma Clinic: it is specialized in the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of glaucoma. It utilizes the latest optical devices to diagnose and measure intraocular pressure, evaluate the optic nerve, and assess the progression of the disease. The clinic offers comprehensive care for patients with glaucoma, aiming to preserve their vision and manage the condition effectively.

- Eyelid and lacrimal Clinic: it’s specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of drooping eyelids and eye socket diseases; it also offers cosmetic enhancements for eyes.

- Diagnostic eye clinic: it performs;

- Retinal Imaging

- Color fundus photography with or without fluorescein dye

- Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for Retina:

- Cross-sectional image of the macula

- Cross-sectional image of the anterior segment of the eye.

- Cross-sectional image of the optic nerve

- Eye Emergencies

Ibn Al-Haitham hospital provides 24/7 emergency eye services. Immediate assessment of cases is conducted, and appropriate measures are taken.

Our Doctors :

Dr. Mubin Abu Alba