Orthopedics and Joints’ Surgery

Orthopedics and Joints’ Surgery

Orthopedics and Joints’ Surgery

(Orthopedics and joints’ surgery department) was established in Ibn Al-Haytham hospital in 2007, and since then, hospital administration recruited skilled consultants in the field of orthopedics, as well as joints’ replacement surgery.

A separate sweet has been allocated exclusively for orthopedic patients, which is supervised by a specialized nursing staff, in addition, the hospital has provided all the equipment required for orthopedic surgeries, moreover modern operating rooms have been equipped taking into account the technical requirements of orthopedic procedures, like the provision of radiographic devices and necessary equipment for arthroscopic procedures and minimally invasive interventions, while sticking to internationally recognized infection control measures to ensure proper sterilization and hence minimizing tissue and bone-related infections.

The department is led by Dr. Mohammed Ababneh, who is an associate professor in orthopedics and joints’ surgery, he is supported by a qualified team of technicians and physiotherapists headed by a consultant doctor in this field; some of the operations conducted in the department include:

- Joints’ replacement surgeries for knee and hip: they are performed according to modern medical techniques, and using high-flex systems, which offers superior range of motion for the artificial joints. The surgeries are performed with a minimally invasive approach to preserve muscles and maintain ligament and tissue balance. In certain cases, computer-assisted navigation surgery is employed to enhance surgical precision. Additionally, artificial joints are chosen to fit the right size.

- Revision arthroplasty: it is performed to replace loose or failed artificial joints of various complexities. This procedure involves using appropriate prosthetic joints and performing bone grafting when necessary.

- Arthroscopy: it includes ligament and cartilage repair.

- Fractures’ casting surgeries: they are performed following modern techniques for fixation, such as (Minimal Invasive Surgery).

- Repairing congenital deformities in children: including developmental dysplasia of the hip, foot deformities, tendons’ transfer, and others.

- Complex fracture repairs and limbs’ lengthening using the Ilizarov method: the procedure is done by specialized consultants in this field.

- Conservative treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and osteoporosis: which is delivered according to scientific principles, and in collaboration with the physiotherapy center, which also provides post-operative care and accompanies the patient throughout the recovery process.

Our Doctors :

Dr. Hamdi neqresh     Dr. Mohammed Abu Hilal     Dr. Mazen Kurdieh     Dr. Mahmoud Ababneh     Dr. Alaa Yousef Akel