In order to provide the best medical and cosmetic services, the hospital contains an integrated center for beauty and laser treatments which encompasses a team of highly qualified consultants with wide and versatile experiences in skin and hair cosmetic treatments.

The center thrives to present best services via applying latest medical technologies and using high quality cosmetic materials.

The center treats cases like:

• Acne

• Rosacea

• Psoriasis

• Hyperhidrosis

• Skin pigmentation disorders

• Vitiligo

• Allergies and eczema

• Fungal and bacterial skin infections

• Cutaneous lymphatic disorders

• Blistering skin diseases

• Immunological and inflammatory skin diseases

• Alopecia

• Inflammatory hair disorders

• Cosmetic injections (Botox, fillers, and plasma)

• Surgical scars and acne scars treatments

Our Doctors :

Dr. Haya Aleitan