General Surgery

General Surgery

General Surgery

(Surgery department) in Ibn Al-Haytham hospital is considered one of the most important departments that provides necessary medical care. The department consists of ten operating rooms designed according to the latest international standards, and equipped with the latest technologies and devices required for surgical procedures, additionally, there is a dedicated room equipped with the latest laparoscopic surgical devices and radiographic equipment, the department also encompasses an advanced sterilization unit equipped with the latest sterilization methods, including plasma sterilization.

The department is distinguished in performing a number of surgeries including:

- Gastrointestinal, liver, biliary ducts, and pancreatic surgeries.

- Colorectal and anal surgeries.

- Endocrine surgeries: such as those relevant to endocrine glands including thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal glands.

- Tumor surgeries: particularly upper and lower gastrointestinal tumors, liver and pancreatic tumors, and breast tumors.

- Bariatric surgeries: including gastric bands, gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, gastric balloons.

- Laparoscopic surgeries using the latest devices.

- Various surgeries: such as abdominal wall repair, hernia, placement of stents when needed, varicose veins.

- Emergency and trauma surgeries.

- Minor surgeries in the minor operating rooms attached to the emergency department.

The hospital has obtained recognition from the Arab board to approve training and qualifying resident doctors in various surgery specialties, including general and orthopedic surgeries.

Our Doctors :

Dr. Ja'far Alawneh     Dr. Ali Al-Tahayneh     Dr. Fouad Souri     Dr. Emad Alaeddin     Dr. Haitham Ghazi Qandeel     Dr. Omar Mansour