(Anesthesia department) operates round the clock, and it is a vital part of Ibn Al-Haytham hospital, offering a comprehensive range of anesthesia services to its patients. These services are administered by a highly skilled and experienced team, including dedicated consultants. The department utilizes modern technologies to provide a distinguished level of anesthesia with its associated care, and pain relief services. Anesthesia consultants deliver their services according to international healthcare standards.

The anesthesia department provides its services to all surgeries, including:

- Neurosurgeries.

- Cardiac and thoracic surgeries.

- Plastic surgeries, skin reconstruction, and burn surgeries.

- Orthopedic and joint surgeries.

- General surgeries and pediatric surgeries.

- Vascular surgeries and specialized surgeries (Ophthalmology, Ear, Nose, and Throat, etc.).

- Injuries and emergencies.

- All other types of surgeries.

In addition, various nerve anesthesia techniques, including ultrasound-guided anesthesia, are extensively employed, encompassing partial, local, and general anesthesia.

Also, the department can deliver (pain-free delivery service) to women who want a painless labor, this service is offered in special delivery suites within the maternity unit, and it involves injecting an anesthetic into the epidural space around the patient’s spine to stop pain, and in the meantime the patient remains under close monitoring using the latest equipment to ensure her safety.

Anesthesia Doctors

Dr. Hasan Ramadan
Anesthesia and resuscitation consultant

Dr. Abbas Altaweel
Anesthesia and resuscitation consultant / head of the anesthesia department

Dr. Ala'a Al Khateeb
Anesthesia and resuscitation consultant

Dr. Fadwa Abbad
Anesthesia and resuscitation specialist

Dr. Ma'moun Al Shogran
Anesthesia and resuscitation specialist

Dr. Ahmad Nimrat
Anesthesia and resuscitation specialist