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Medical Tourism in Ibn Al-Haytham Hospital

Jordan is distinguished by the tremendous advancements it had in the medical field, with its essential elements including, the provision of highly qualified medical staff, presence of hospitals and medical centers equipped according to the highest global standards and encompassing all medical specialties, additionally, Jordan's moderate climate throughout the year and its beautiful and diverse nature enable patients to have the proper treatment and get the recuperation that they need at the same time. Jordan possesses a unique medical network in the region, including numerous hospitals specialized in cancer treatment, cardiovascular diseases, orthopedics and spine, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, infertility, obesity, stem cell therapy, addiction treatment, and other medical specialties, Jordan was also a pioneer in performing a number of medical procedures; for example, the first open-heart surgery was performed in Jordan in 1970, and the first kidney transplant in Jordan and in the Arab world took place in 1972.

Some of the reasons that made Ibn Al-Haytham hospital a destination for medical tourism include:

- Its distinct location near Al-Madineh Al-Monawra street, which is one of the vital streets in Jordan.

- Availability of highly skilled doctors in all medical specialties, in addition to other medical and technical competencies.

- Availability of modern medical devices and equipment that are comparable to those found in European countries and the United States.

- Lower treatment costs compared to those in Europe and neighboring countries, in addition to low accommodation and travel expenses.

- It has a variety of medical and cosmetic departments.

It’s worth saying that Ibn Al-Haytham hospital was the first hospital in the region to receive the "Quality in International Patient's Care Certificate," and the third hospital in the world to receive “Excellence in Medical Tourism Certificate” awarded by the prestigious German organization (Temos).


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