The (ICU/CCU) unit is considered one of the most crucial and critical departments in the hospital, it is dedicated to receiving and managing critical cases and severely ill patients who require continuous monitoring.

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has eleven beds furnished with essential equipment needed to monitor patients on ventilators, oxygen concentrators, and other devices tailored to each patient's condition and needs.

The ICU/ CCU unit receives all critical cases which includes patients who had performed major surgeries, in addition to other cases, like RTA, falls, burns, fractures, strokes, heart attacks, uncontrolled high blood sugar and high blood pressure, coma, cardiac diseases, patients undergoing catheterizations and kidney transplant, patients on ventilators, and other cases which require intensive monitoring and observation.

The Intensive Care Unit in Ibn Al-Hytham hospital is distinguished by its qualified and well-trained medical staff, who can handle all the aforementioned cases in a professional and precise manner round the clock, and hence the unit has:

- A qualified intensive care physician.

- Qualified and well-trained nursing Staff.

- An anesthesiologist / or an anesthesia technician.

- Respiratory therapist.

- Physiotherapist.

In addition, dietitians and clinical pharmacists follow up patients in ICU/CCU regularly.

All the above-mentioned staff work collaboratively, and according to predetermined policies and procedures in order to deliver the best and most comprehensive medical care.

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Our Doctors :

Dr. Amjad Banihani     Dr. Bandar Ghazal    

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