Pharmacy Department

Pharmacy Department

The pharmacy in Ibn Al-Haitham hospital operates round the clock to serve patients and visitors, and it is accredited by most insurance companies. The pharmacy staff is highly competent and experienced, and the pharmacy provides patients and consultant doctors with all their medication needs, including different pharmaceutical forms and special formulas. Medications are dispensed to inpatients and outpatients according to the prices pre-determined by the Jordanian Ministry of Health.

The pharmacy also answers inquiries from external patients regarding medications in general, as well as medications that are only available in hospitals, and our pharmacists always try to keep updated by the latest advancements in the fields of medicine and pharmacy.

The pharmacy department also encloses a clinical pharmacy unit.

Clinical Pharmacy Unit

The primary goal of (Clinical pharmacy unit) is to enhance the quality of pharmaceutical care provided to patients, which is achieved via:

- Limitation of medication-related problems such as suffering from drugs’ side effects or drug to drug interactions.

- Enhancing patients’ adherence to taking their medications on time and in the appropriate dose, this is done by educating patients about their medications and their relevance to their illness.

- Encouraging adherence to guidelines and international standards regarding the use of drugs.

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