Dental and Oral Surgery Department

Dental and Oral Surgery Department

(Dental and oral surgery department) in Ibn Al-Haytham hospital is considered as one of the crucial departments in the hospital, it offers a wide range of modern dental treatment procedures, including cosmetic dentistry. The department offers the following treatment techniques:

- Latest dental implant techniques using plasma-rich growth factor (PRGF) technology.

- It is a pioneer in using (zirconia oxide) material in dental implantation, which use has opened new cosmetic possibilities that were lacking in traditional dental implants.

- It performs all dental procedures and treatments using the latest techniques, including attachment of dental veneers using computer-guided technology.

-It was a pioneer in using photodynamic therapy during dental implanting to prevent and treat oral tissue infections and accelerate the healing process.

- Attachment of ceramic veneers to all forms of teeth using the best materials in collaboration with leading laboratories in the field, where each case is individually assessed and the alignment of the teeth is adjusted to achieve the ideal shape, and the appropriate color of the veneers is carefully selected to ensure the best results.

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Our Doctors :

Dr. Farah Hassan Al-Kharisha    

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