Foreign Patients Affairs’ Office

Foreign Patients Affairs’ Office

As part of its commitment to Arab patients and friendly foreign countries, Ibn Al-Haitham hospital administration established (foreign patients affairs’ office), which is concerned with providing care for patients from sister Arab countries and friendly foreign countries, ensuring their comfort, and providing them with all necessary information they need during their stay in the hospital.

The services that (foreign patients affairs’ office) offers include:

- Receiving medical reports from patients, and examining them thoroughly by professional consultants, and responding to patients’ inquiries within a few hours.

- Estimating the treatment cost and sending it back to the patient to review it before coming to the hospital.

-Providing free transportation to and from the airport.

- Helping patients with admission procedures, and providing necessary assistance during their stay in the hospital.

-Providing accommodation for accompanying persons at affordable rates.

- Holding free medical and recreational trips.

- Assisting patients with discharge procedures, providing them with a detailed medical report prepared by a specialized doctor, in addition to arranging their transportation from their place of accommodation to the airport.


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